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Accredited course document template

All VET accredited courses are nationally recognised training products. Each course must be presented using ASQA’s Accredited course document template to ensure all information critical for training and assessment of the course is provided in a consistent format.

ASQA’s accredited course document template:

  • describes essential course information and provides the specifications for the course
  • provides the basis for registered training organisations (RTOs) to develop strategies for training and assessment
  • describes essential course information including packaging rules, skill and knowledge outcomes, standards for assessment and resources needed
  • includes further guidance in each section about the information to be included in a course
  • includes suggested formatting to guide how information can be presented e.g. tables
  • includes the enterprise unit of competency template from the Standards for Training Packages.

The accredited course document template is known in the sector as the ‘course document’. The course document is the legally recognised specification for the course. It provides the basis for the development of strategies for training and assessment by each RTO registered to deliver the course and describes essential course information. It is divided into three sections as shown in Table 1.

Table 1: About the accredited course document template

Section 1:
Copyright and course classification information
Information about copyright, course classification and type of application i.e. initial accreditation or renewal of accreditation.
Section 2:
Course information
Details of the course purpose, outcomes, structure, entry and delivery requirements, assessment strategies, mapping information to the previous course (if applicable) and credit information.
Section 3:
Units of competency
The units of competency developed as part of the course are included in the course document.
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