Cancel a course

Course owners may apply to cancel a VET accredited course during its accreditation period.

How to cancel your course

Cancellation fees

There is no fee for cancelling an accredited course.

For a full list of fees and charges, please read the Guide to ASQA’s fees and charges 2019-20 (PDF).

Outcome of your application

Course owners should allow up to 60 working days for cancellation of an accredited course.

While assessing your application, ASQA may notify relevant stakeholders of the proposed cancellation, including:

  • RTOs that have the course within their scope of registration
  • VET regulators in Victoria and Western Australia
  • industry regulators and licensing bodies.

ASQA will consider representations by stakeholders in its decision-making process. 

After assessing your application, ASQA will notify you either of:

  • approval of the course’s cancellation and the cancellation date, or
  • the decision not to approve the course’s cancellation and the reasons for the decision.

ASQA may also notify relevant stakeholders of our decision.

Cancellation by ASQA and appealing decisions

In certain circumstances, ASQA may initiate the cancellation of a VET accredited course. ASQA will notify you if it initiates the cancellation of your course.

You have the right to appeal a decision by ASQA to cancel the accreditation of a VET accredited course. Decisions are reviewable under Section 199 of the National Vocational Education and Training Regulator Act 2011.

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