ASQA's functions include registering training providers as registered training organisations (RTOs).

This section explains how to apply for and manage your vocational education and training (VET) registration.

Information on how to become a registered training organisation (RTO).

You may seek to change your RTO's scope of registration by adding, removing or transitioning training products.

How to renew RTO registration and how ASQA assesses these applications.

How to withdraw (or cancel) your RTO registration.

RTOs must meet specific requirements and responsibilities to maintain their registration.

These RTOs have the ability to manage their own scope of registration.

ASQA has developed a guide to assist RTOs to understand their obligations under the Standards.

ASQA resources for RTOs and for people interested in applying to start an RTO.

Key RTO obligation dates

Keep track of your key RTO obligation dates using our printable checklist.

RTO obligation dates


Part of ASQA’s role as a regulator is to audit the practices of RTOs and CRICOS providers. Find out how and why ASQA conducts provider audits.

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