Course owner responsibilities

The Standards for VET Accredited Courses 2021 require course copyright owners to monitor and evaluate their courses during the accreditation period. This requirement ensures that courses remain current and relevant.

Notify of changes to course contacts or ownership

Throughout the course accreditation period, you must notify ASQA if:

  • the contact details change for either the course copyright holder or the course content enquiries, or
  • you have sold, transferred or assigned the ownership of your course to another person or legal entity.

If you are changing contacts details, you will need to complete a Notification of change to contact details—Accredited course (DOC).

If you have sold, transferred or assigned the ownership of your course to another person or legal entity, you will need to complete a Notification of change to accredited course ownership (DOC) form. Both you and the new course owner will need to sign this form.

Once you complete the form, you will need to submit it to

If course ownership is changing, we will write to you and the new course owner to confirm that we have received this advice. This acknowledgement will usually occur within 20 working days of receiving a complete notification.

We will then update the course ownership details with the national register.

Monitor and evaluate your course

You must continue to monitor and evaluate the currency and relevance of your course.

This monitoring ensures that the course will continue to meet the current needs of industry, enterprises and community throughout the accreditation period.

If these activities identify the need to change your course, you will need to lodge an Application to amend an accredited course (PDF).

You must keep records of your monitoring and evaluation activities. ASQA may request these records at any time.

Notify licence holders of any amendments to a course

If we approve changes to your VET accredited course, you are responsible for providing advice about the modifications to any RTO that holds permission to use the course.

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