ASQA Stakeholder Liaison Group (SLG)

ASQA has established a Stakeholder Liaison Group (SLG) to engage and consult with providers and other key stakeholders on ASQA’s approach to engagement and education, and identify and respond to key issues facing providers.

The members have been selected on the basis of their experience and standing in the VET and ELICOS sectors. ASQA is delighted to announce the inaugural group of members.

A man and a woman talk across a board table.
SLG is about engagement and collaboration.

The SLG will provide a forum for engagement and collaboration though which its members can:

  • identify how ASQA can expand its educative role
  • share information about key issues and risks facing providers
  • consult on changes to ASQA’s Regulatory Strategy
  • identify the guidance and materials that providers need to support their regulatory obligations and build capability for self-assurance
  • contribute to the co-design of new regulatory tools
  • consult on other matters of operational importance to the sector.

ASQA is expanding its engagement and consultation with the sector more widely, as part of its long-term reform agenda. This new advisory group will make a substantial contribution to this mission.

Member profiles

Information about the sector representatives that make up the Stakeholder Liaison Group.


Official records of the proceedings and matters discussed at SLG meetings.

SLG Terms of Reference

Read the SLG Terms of Reference, Member Code of Conduct, Member Confidentiality Agreement, and Disclosure Policy.

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