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Videos and webinars

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On Wednesday 3 March 2021, we ran a follow-up discussion webinar to respond to questions raised in our December Feedback Loop 1 webinar.


Webinar broadcast 10/12/2020.

Discussion of the new online skill set, the challenges of training in COVID-19 and ideas for building e-learning capability.

This webinar focuses on what providers can expect from our ASQA Compliance Policy and introduces a new element to how we respond to non-compliance, ‘undertakings to remedy’.

How best to structure practical assessment.

How best to structure practical assessment.

Emma Marks, Assistant General Manager Regulatory Operations


How to remain compliant with aspects of the Standards when using distance learning techniques and tools.


Webinar discussing ASQA's approach to COVID-19.

Covid-19 icon

ASQA has collaborated with stakeholders across the VET sector to produce a video exploring assessment-related issues.

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