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In this webinar we cover best practice tips for developing, contextualising and pre-validating assessment tools, supporting students, and delivering assessment online or in the workplace, including within the context of COVID-19. We also touched on ASQA’s regulatory approach.

A long-form webinar and Q&A discussion on assessment validation to conclude our second Spotlight on series. 
In this webinar we discuss how providers can get the best results from their training and assessment systems. 
This webinar was broadcast on 15 July 2021. 

How to use ASQA’s validation calculator, which helps you determine the required sample size.

Simplify your validation

How do you assemble an independent validation team, and what are the requirements?

Four ways effective assessment validation could help your provider.

This short video explains the requirements that any validation team must meet and the current skills and knowledge required.

Understand the differences between validation and moderation.

A long-form webinar and Q&A discussion - 'Online learning – beyond PDFs and Zoom’, as part of the strategic review of online learning, looking at ways to use EdTech to enrich online delivery methods.


Webinar broadcast 13/05/2021.


The webinar wrapped up our first Spotlight On series about trainers and assessors.

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