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Transition Period

Transition period means, where a training product has been superseded, removed or deleted from the National Register, the allowable timeframe within which the student’s training, assessment, and AQF certification documentation issuance needs to be completed or, in the case of a superseded training product, within which the student is transitioned into the replacement training product.


Why learner transitions are important

Accredited training products are superseded when new content and training methods are required to equip learners with skills relevant to current industry practice. As such, VET stakeholders benefit when students are trained, assessed, and awarded AQF certification documentation in the currently endorsed or accredited training product.

When training products are superseded, you have one year from the date that the new training product is released on the National Register to teach-out students enrolled in the superseded training product. This guidance applies for providers that teach to domestic students and/or overseas students.



Teach-out is a term used to describe the timeframe after a training product has been superseded, removed or deleted from the National Register, and any transition period has expired, in which a student’s training, assessment and AQF certification documentation issuance needs to be completed (while this term has been used by ASQA in the past, it is not a feature of the Standards for RTOs 2015).


Enrolling new students

Providers must only enrol students in training products that are current on the National Register.

Clause 1.26(d) of the Standards for RTOs 2015 (the Standards) restricts providers from commencing training and assessment of a new learner in a training product that has been removed or deleted from the National Register.


Extensions to transition periods

If we consider that extraordinary circumstances exist, we may consider an extension to the transition period specified in the Standards (Clauses 1.26 (a), (b) and (c)). ASQA is empowered to approve transition periods longer than those detailed in the Standards, however, we will only consider applications for a longer transition period where you can demonstrate that there would be genuine disadvantage to a cohort of students if an extension was not approved.

Individual providers or other interested parties (for example, an industry group) can submit an application. Applications need to include appropriate supporting material (for example, from a State/Territory training authority where apprenticeships are involved; a licensing body; or a State/Territory Education Department where school students are involved).

You can submit an application by email to TransitionRequest@asqa.gov.au.


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