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Are you copyright compliant?

20 January 2017

To deliver high quality educational outcomes, RTOs need to be able to access and use information quickly and efficiently from a wide variety of sources such as textbooks, websites, newspapers and journals. However, there is often uncertainty around what can and can’t be legally used.

To alleviate the time and resources necessary to get individual permissions, over a thousand RTOs have purchased the statutory education licence from the not-for-profit Copyright Agency.

The licence enables teachers to provide the most up-to-date and relevant resources for their students by allowing immediate access to a wide range of materials including all images, whole articles and up to 10% from any website or textbook. Teachers can also use it to embed third party material into resources they are developing themselves.

Having an education licence is a simple and affordable solution that both ensures your RTO is complying with copyright law as well as providing the flexibility to use an enormous range of material. It also allows peace of mind that none of your teachers are inadvertently communicating material that is not allowed.

The cost of an annual licence is dependent on the size of your RTO. For commercial RTOs it is based on 0.3% of your receipts with the minimum fee less than $225 for the year. The cost for not-for-profit RTOs is even less, with the minimum fee less than $120 and rates based on student numbers and level of study.

The annual fee you pay for this licence is distributed to the creators and publishers of the works, many of them former teachers. This revenue contributes to the continuous development of high quality content that teachers are using every day.

To apply for a licence or for further information, please see http://copyright.com.au/licences-permission/educational-licences/independent-colleges/ and/or contact the Copyright Agency’s Education Licensing Account Manager, Sue Attar on 1800 066 844 (toll free within Australia) or +61 2 9394 7600, or by email at educationlicences [at] copyright.com.au.

Further information about the Copyright Agency may be found here: https://www.asqa.gov.au/vet-registration/meet-requirements-ongoing-registration/comply-other-relevant-legislation