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RTO registration

5 July 2018

The new Becoming an RTO (animated video) explains the revised process for initial registration as an RTO or an English-language course provider with ASQA.

13 June 2018

RTOs will start receiving invoices for their annual registration charge at the start of July.

1 May 2018

To further protect the quality and reputation of the VET and international education sectors, from 1 July 2018, ASQA will apply even greater scrutiny to all applications to establish new training providers.

20 January 2017

To deliver high quality educational outcomes, RTOs need to be able to access and use information quickly and efficiently from a wide variety of sources.

25 May 2015

RTOs could be registered for up to seven years under changes recently implemented by ASQA.

29 March 2015

ASQA has approved a tuition assurance scheme operated by TAFE Directors Australia as suitable for the protection of fees prepaid by VET students.

10 November 2014

ASQA recently invited 555 RTOs to apply for a delegation of regulatory responsibility.

27 June 2014

Removal of financial viability risk assessments from renewal of registration process.

6 June 2014

From 1 July 2014, equivalent training package products will be automatically added to your scope of registration without requiring an application or a fee.

13 April 2014

Training providers—both existing and those applying for registration with ASQA―are required to comply with one of five acceptable fee protection options if they intend to collect student fees in advance.


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