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Scott Barkla

Legal name:
Scott Barkla

Trading name:


ACN number:



Date undertaking accepted:
Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Details of undertaking:
Mr Barkla undertakes that he will assume and comply with the following obligations:

  1. Not to act, or seek to act, as a High Managerial Agent and/or Executive Officer of a RTO at any time in the future
  2. Not to participate, either directly or indirectly, in any employment arrangements, contract or otherwise, with a RTO regulated by ASQA, or an equivalent State based regulatory authority for a period of three years from the Commencement Date
  3. Within two months of the Commencement Date, Mr Barkla will provide evidence to ASQA that he has sent, by email, written notice to each of the following twenty-three (23) students; Guiseppina Alexiou, Ashleigh McDonald, Rose Avaitabile, Diana Borg, Andrea Castaneda, Evangelia Cerra, Chantal Darby, Laura Fiera, Zahide Housse in, Chantal King, Olja Mijatovic, Moko Ngawhare-Pounamu, Rhiannon Olver, Sandra Ostojic, Coco Patterson, Jasmine Scholes, Stephanie Simpson, Tatjana Talevski, Brooke Taylor, Samantha Vanderlinden, Courtney Ward, Sarah White & Emma Woods that:
    1. the student's enrolment was not transferred by HTA to 4Life College
    2. he was not given permission or authorisation by 4Life College to create, issue or provide any statement of attainment and/or qualification to the student on its behalf
    3. any statement of attainment or qualification that has been provided to the student and was not validly issued by 4Life College cannot be used for any purpose, and
    4. he apologises for his actions in falsely creating and providing the statement of attainment or qualification.
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