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Information and updates on ASQA reform activities currently being undertaken

On 30 April 2020, the Australian Government released the rapid review into our regulatory practices and processes. This report outlines 24 recommendations for reforms to the way ASQA operates, in line with best practice governance, regulation and engagement. The report also provides a long-term vision for better regulation for the Australian Vocational Education and Training (VET) sector.

We have commenced a program of work to implement the recommendations of the review. Our program is firmly focused on delivering best practice, modern regulation.

Our overarching goal is to move from input and compliance controls, to a focus on self-assurance and excellence in training outcomes. Improving quality and confidence in the sector is a shared responsibility and ASQA will work with the sector to this end.

With ASQA’s reform occurring in tandem with wider VET reform, our work will be ongoing over the next few years.

Rapid Review recommendations

The report outlines 24 recommendations.

Reform implementation

Implementation of the recommendations from the Rapid Review will occur through a staged approach. Some of the identified areas for improvement can be progressed immediately, while others will take time and require close engagement with stakeholders.

During 2020 we will be undertaking work to:

  • improve the way we conduct audits, write reports and describe evidence and non-compliances
  • improve internal practices to achieve greater consistency in both audit approach and decision making
  • become more transparent in identifying areas of risk and provide guidance that will support providers
  • strengthen our engagement and education programs, including commencing the Stakeholder Liaison Group (SLG)

Latest implementation news

Engagement opportunities

For the reform process and implementation of the recommendations from the Rapid Review to be successful, we need input from the sector. Over the coming months there will be opportunities for you to engage with us and provide feedback.

Self-assurance consultation

We are seeking public feedback on how we can support the VET sector in a move towards self-assurance.

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ASQA webinar

Working together towards effective self-assurance

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Upcoming engagement opportunities will cover areas including:

We will let you know about opportunities to participate in these as well as in our ongoing webinar series.

To ensure you hear about your chance to contribute, as well as find out about newly-published education and guidance material we recommend:

In addition, our Stakeholder Liaison Group (SLG) will help us identify and respond to key issues facing the sector, and will assist us in shaping our ongoing approach to education and engagement. This group will start meeting from mid-2020.

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