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On 30 April 2020, the Australian Government released the rapid review into our regulatory practices and processes. This report outlines 24 recommendations to reform the way ASQA operates, in line with best practice governance, regulation and engagement. The report also provides a long-term vision for better regulation for the Australian Vocational Education and Training (VET) sector.

We are commencing a program of work to implement the recommendations of the review. Our program is firmly focused on delivering best practice regulation.

Our overarching goal is to move from input and compliance controls, to a focus on self-assurance and excellence in training outcomes. Improving quality and confidence in the sector is a shared responsibility and ASQA will work with the sector to this end.

With ASQA’s reform occurring in tandem with wider VET reform, our work will be ongoing over the next few years.

As the national VET Regulator, our role is to ensure quality vocational education and training so that students, employers, the community and governments can have confidence in the integrity of training products issued by training providers.

ASQA’s current reform work is part of the broader government vision for VET, as outlined in the Heads of Agreement for Skills Reform, which includes supporting reforms to strengthen standards and build provider capacity through self-assurance.

By working together we aim to foster a culture of self-assurance and continuous improvement across the sector, in support of the recommendations of the Rapid Review.

Rapid Review

Download the report and its recommendations

Our regulatory practice

As part of our response to the Rapid Review, we have improved our approach to deliver best practice regulation.

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Reform implementation

Our reform work is designated into three key areas:

The strategic review into online learning

Learn more about the strategic review into online learning here. This review seeks to understand the challenges that providers, employers and students experience in the adoption and provision of online learning in the VET sector.

Strategic review into online learning in the VET sector

Draft ASQA Compliance Policy

We are reviewing your feedback on our draft ASQA Compliance Policy and look forward to sharing the final version with you soon.



Find out about self-assurance and view the feedback we received on the on our recent consultation paper. We are also eager to hear examples of how providers currently self-assure.


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