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Our recruitment process

Welcoming a new person to ASQA usually involves these steps:

  1. A vacancy is advertised on or LinkedIn.
  2. Candidates submit their applications.
  3. The selection panel compiles a shortlist of outstanding applications.
  4. We invite shortlisted candidates to an interview.
  5. The panel decides on a preferred candidate.
  6. We contact the preferred candidate's referees.
  7. The successful candidate receives an offer of employment

This process can sometimes vary according to the requirements of a particular role.

Job interviews at ASQA

What to expect at an ASQA job interview:

  • Your interview will be with a panel of two to three people.
  • The person who would be your manager will be on the panel.
  • While all panellists will try to attend in person, it may be necessary for members of the panel to participate via videoconference.
  • You will be able to access interpreters or other special needs support if required.
  • Depending on the type of role, we may ask you to bring in examples of past work or to do a practical skills test.

Interviews can sometimes vary according to the requirements of a particular role, and the needs of individual candidates.

Reasonable adjustments

Throughout all stages of the recruitment process, reasonable adjustments can be requested to support candidates through the process and to plan for their career at ASQA. Under the Equal Opportunity Act 2010 employers are required to make reasonable adjustments for a person with disability who:

  • applies for a job, is offered employment, or is an employee, and
  • requires the adjustments in order to participate in the recruitment process or perform the genuine and reasonable requirements of the job.

If you believe you will require a reasonable adjustment at any point please contact to discuss.

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