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Assessment of your change of scope application

When assessing an application to change an organisation’s scope of registration, ASQA must consider:

  • the applicant's ability to provide the vocational education and training (VET) course in accordance with the VET Quality Framework
  • the other VET courses offered by the applicant
  • whether the applicant complies with the VET Quality Framework and its conditions of registration.

ASQA applies a risk management approach to assessing applications against these criteria.

An application to change a provider’s scope of registration may be:

  1. assessed through a registration audit and then decided (approved or rejected)
  2. decided (approved or rejected) through a risk assessment.

The majority of applications are approved at risk assessment within a month of lodgement.

Applications decided through risk assessment

Applications approved through risk assessment

The majority of applications to change (add or remove courses from) a provider’s scope of registration are approved following a risk assessment.

As per ASQA service standards, ASQA will finalise change to scope applications that do not require an audit within six months of accepting a properly completed application.

ASQA will not begin considering your application until the relevant fees are paid in full.

Applications rejected following risk assessment

An application may be rejected at this stage if:

  • ASQA has notified the applicant that the application is incomplete, but all required information and evidence has not been provided within the nominated timeframe
  • The application is to remove courses from scope, and the risk assessment has determined that the provider has not discharged its obligations to all students currently enrolled or students who would be otherwise affected if the courses were removed, or
  • The provider is the subject of a sanction, or other action to rectify unresolved non-compliance, relevant to the courses sought in the application.
  • The applicant has not satisfied the financial viability risk assessment requirements.

Applications that require an audit

ASQA will conduct an audit if:

  • the change of scope application is received within an RTO’s first two years of registration
  • risk assessment indicates that an audit should be conducted.

The audit can be conducted with or without a site visit.

The audit will review your compliance against the Standards for RTOs 2015. The auditor (or audit team, which may include industry specialists) examines the strategies, resources and materials your organisation uses to deliver the training products on your scope of registration.

The auditor may also investigate the:

  • effectiveness of management systems, delivery strategies and other materials
  • proposed implementation of delivery strategies meets training package and/or accredited course requirements
  • suitability of facilities and equipment, and
  • credentials of nominated delivery personnel.

As outlined in the ASQA performance standards, ASQA will finalise change to scope applications that require an audit within six month of accepting a properly completed and fully compliant application.

If non-compliance is found at audit

If your organisation does not comply, you may have 20 working days to provide additional or amended evidence to demonstrate full compliance. ASQA analyses this additional evidence before it approves or rejects the application.

This process may also result in your organisation being approved for registration for some training products in your application, but rejected for others. ASQA may also grant approval with specific conditions applied to the registration.

From 1 July 2018, RTOs within their first two years of registration will not receive an opportunity to submit rectification evidence in response to non-compliance. However, there are still a number of options available to providers that want to contest an ASQA decision.

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