Review of an ASQA decision

Certain actions that we take in the event of non-compliance are specified under legislation as reviewable decisions. This means that a person affected by a reviewable decision can apply to us to review the decision.

Reviewable decisions include some decisions we make about the:

  • registration of training providers as RTOs
  • accreditation of VET courses
  • registration of providers of ELICOS and VET on CRICOS, who provide courses to overseas students.

The letter we issue advising you of our decision explains your options regarding seeking a review of the decision. These options vary, depending on the type of decision.

For further information, you can contact us on 1300 701 801 or at, or seek your own legal advice.

Our approach to reviewing decisions

When making a decision, our decision makers provide procedural fairness which means ensuring a fair process, providing robust reasons for decisions and also giving an opportunity to providers to respond.

Our approach to reviewing decisions is intended to:

  • provide a genuine opportunity to engage with providers
  • ensure that our decisions support the integrity of the national qualifications issued by training providers
  • ensure that all stakeholders can have confidence in the decisions we make.

When reviewing decisions, we will review the evidence that led to the original decision and any new evidence that is available to the decision maker.

We acknowledge that there are circumstances where the decision may have been correct based on the evidence available to us at the time it was made, but no longer remains the correct decision on review. This may be due to the availability of evidence that was not available to the original decision maker, and whether or not that evidence existed at the time the decision was made.

Freedom of information (FOI)

Access to documents relating to decisions can be requested under an FOI request.

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