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Fees and charges

26 June 2019

RTOs have two deadlines coming up soon to meet compliance requirements.

14 June 2019

At the start of July 2019, ASQA will invoice providers for the 2019-20 annual registration charge.

31 August 2018

On 6 July 2018, ASQA introduced an application lodgement fee of $500 for all initial and renewal applications submitted for course accreditation by ASQA.

5 July 2018

ASQA is simplifying its fees and charges to provide cost reductions for those providers that demonstrate high levels of compliance.

30 November 2017

ASQA would like to thank VET stakeholders for participating in the recent consultation.

14 August 2017

ASQA is seeking feedback on its proposed schedule of revised fees and charges for 2018.

6 July 2017

ASQA will this week commence invoicing RTOs and CRICOS providers their annual registration charge.

17 October 2016

As part of ASQA’s rollout of a new asqanet, ASQA is implementing verified EFT arrangements.

20 December 2015

For RTOs that transitioned to ASQA from the former NSW regulator (VETAB).

25 February 2015

ASQA has commenced issuing some CRICOS invoices through ASQAnet.


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