Annual registration charges will be invoiced soon—make sure your scope is up to date by 21 June 2019

14 June 2019

At the start of July 2019, ASQA will invoice providers for the 2019-20 annual registration charge.

How is my annual registration charge determined?

Your annual registration charge is determined by the number of qualifications—including accredited courses—on your scope of registration on 1 July 2019.

How much will my annual registration charge be?

You can calculate your annual registration charge using the table below:

NVETR annual registration charge ESOS annual registration charges
  • 0–4 qualifications—$1,130
  • 5–10 qualifications—$3,220
  • 11–60 qualifications—$6,975
  • 61 or more qualifications—$10,730.
  • 0–2 qualifications—$950
  • 3–4 qualifications—$1,645
  • 5–50 qualifications—$4,375
  • 51 or more qualifications—$7,100.

Annual registration charges apply to a provider’s registration as an RTO under the NVETR Act and as a registered provider under the ESOS Act. You will be invoiced separately for each registration, as applicable.

I need to remove items from my scope before the invoice is issued—when is the deadline? 

If you want to remove items from your scope of registration prior to calculation of your annual registration charge for 2019-20, you must submit a complete application to remove these items by 5.00 pm AEST on 21 June 2019.

How do I apply to ASQA to remove items from my scope of registration?

To review your current scope of registration, use the online application system asqanet.

To remove training products from NVETR Act scope:

Submit an “Update minor VET details and remove scope” application.

To remove current training products from ESOS Act scope:

Submit an “Application to change CRICOS registration” form.

To remove training products from both NVETR Act and ESOS Act scope:

Submit both an “Update minor VET details and remove scope” and an “Application to change CRICOS registration” form.

To remove superseded items from ESOS Act scope:

If a superseded item appears on your ESOS scope, please contact us.

Do superseded qualifications contribute to the cost of annual registration charges and renewal of registration fees?

If you have a new equivalent qualification on your scope of registration as well as the superseded product, these products will only be counted once for the purpose of calculating fees and charges related to annual registration and renewal of registration. The superseded product will not add to the cost.

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