How we assess

ASQA takes a risk-management approach when we evaluate registration renewal applications.

We use a structured process to assess applications and ensure they meet all the requirements for continued registration before approving.

Renewal timeframe

If you provide a completed registration renewal application before the cut-off date, and have paid all applicable fees in full, then your RTO’s registration will continue until we provide you with a decision on your renewal request.

ASQA completes the majority of renewal applications prior to expiry date, in line with our service standards.

The renewal assessment process

Risk assessment

Once we have received a renewal of registration application, we check that:

We may also check your organisation’s business status through the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC).

We may reject your application for renewal at this point if:

  • your RTO has not delivered any training or assessment during the previous year of registration
  • your application remains incomplete after ASQA has requested further information or evidence
  • your nominated personnel fail to meet fit and proper requirements.

Providing your organisation passes these initial checks, we then consider:

Renewal audit

During the process of risk assessment, we may identify the need to conduct an audit.

An audit reviews your compliance with the VET Quality Framework. Our auditor examines the strategies, resources and materials your organisation uses to deliver training products on your scope of registration.

The auditor may also investigate:

  • the effectiveness of your management systems, delivery strategies and other materials
  • whether the delivery strategies meet the requirements of training packages and accredited courses
  • the suitability of facilities and equipment
  • the credentials of the nominated delivery personnel.

If we identify non-compliance

If we identify non-compliance during the audit, you will have 20 working days to provide evidence demonstrating actions taken to achieve full compliance. We will analyse this evidence before making a final decision on whether or not to approve the application.

The auditing process may also result in your organisation being registered to provide training for specific products while being rejected for others. We may also impose conditions on your registration.

Renewal decisions

Once we have completed our assessment process, we will notify you in writing of our decision. You will receive this notification within 30 days of us making a decision.

If we approve your renewal application, we will provide you with:

  • a current certificate of registration
  • details of any specific conditions which we have applied to your registration.

If we reject your application, we will state the reasons for this decision.

Contesting an ASQA decision

Under Sections 199 to 203 of the National Vocational Education and Training Regulator Act 2011, an applicant can apply for a review of certain kinds of ASQA decisions.

Find out more about how to contest an ASQA decision.
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