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Spotlight On assessment:
ASQA's Guide to developing assessment tools


Spotlight on providers - Assessment tools

We are pleased to release an updated version of our ‘Guide to designing assessment tools’.

This revamped guide will provide both trainer and assessors, and providers, with information, tips and guidance on how to develop, design, implement, conduct and record quality assessment tools.

These tools will be fit for purpose and with an increased focus on industry engagement, ensuring students will be ready for the workplace on completing their assessment.


The need for valid and flexible assessment tools

Designing assessment tools

Engaging with your industry contacts and representatives is key to developing quality assessment tools. Through engagement, you can source real-life scenarios to introduce into assessments, which will help students be ‘job ready’.

Our updated guide will help walk you through working with your trainers and assessors to design assessment tools, drawing on their insights and suggestions for the best methods for your target student cohort.

Important steps for assessment

In our updated guide, we walk trainers and assessors through planning, design and development, and reviewing the quality of a tool before implementation. 

The guide breaks each of these three steps down, addressing the need for assessment tools to be flexible, valid and reliable.

Download the guide here:


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