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13 April 2014

Training providers—both existing and those applying for registration with ASQA―are required to comply with one of five acceptable fee protection options if they intend to collect student fees in advance.

8 April 2014

View the Chief Commissioner’s presentation at the recent NSW Private VET Provider Forum.

3 April 2014

The Department of Industry has recently provided an update on the Student Identifier Bill 2014, which will enable the introduction of a Unique Student Identifier (USI) for the VET sector.

31 March 2014

Read the ‎March 2014 edition of the ASQA Update newsletter.

24 February 2014

Pending changes to the General direction—transition and teach out.

16 February 2014

Apply for the 12-month transition grace period, or an exemption, by 31 March 2014.

16 February 2014

View the Chief Commissioner's presentation to a recent South Australian forum.

31 January 2014

RTOs are reminded that they must notify ASQA when commencing or dissolving any partnering or auspice arrangements where training and/or assessment is delivered on their behalf by another company. 

31 January 2014

Update for providers that had invoices issued on 18 January 2014 and former NSW (VETAB) providers.

31 January 2014

Read the ‎January 2014 edition of the ASQA Update newsletter.