Statement of acknowledgement by Hands On Computer Training International Pty Ltd

14 February 2017

Hands on Computer Training International Pty Ltd (RTO 2058, trading as Australian Institute of Commerce and Technology (AICT)) acknowledges that during 2015 and 2016 it provided four vocational training courses to high school students enrolled in 32 high schools in Western Australia which, at that time, were not on AICT’s Scope of Registration, namely:

  1. Certificate I in Business;
  2. Certificate II in Business;
  3. Certificate III in Business; and
  4. Certificate I in Information Digital Media Technology(collectively “Off-Scope High VET School Courses”).

The delivery of the Off-Scope High School Courses occurred as a result of errors made by AICT staff who are no longer employed by AICT. AICT acknowledges that its overall governance as reflected in its policies and procedures were insufficiently robust to identify and/or prevent those errors. This resulted in AICT incurring multiple breaches of various sections of the National Vocational Education and Training Regulator Act 2011 (“Breaches”).

AICT acknowledges its responsibility for the delivery of the Off-Scope High School VET Courses and the Breaches. Further, AICT apologises unreservedly to all those who were adversely affected by the Off Scope High School Courses, including students, their families, the schools and other concerned stakeholders (“Interested Parties”).

AICT understands that processes are in place to ensure that students who have obtained qualifications in the Off-Scope High School Courses will have their qualifications recognised, and in this regard, AICT is working closely with the Australian Skills Quality Authority (“ASQA”). AICT reiterates its sincere apology to the Interested Parties and confirms that it has improved its policies and procedures to ensure that such a situation will not arise again.

AICT has paid ASQA an agreed monetary penalty proportionate to the nature of the Breaches.

AICT and ASQA have worked hard, both individually and together, to minimise the detriment and disruption that occasioned upon the Interested Parties.

On 10 February 2017 and pursuant to confidential Terms of Agreement between the Parties, ASQA withdrew its earlier decision to cancel AICT’s registration, and as a result, AICT’s registration as a registered training organisation ("RTO") will continue.

This concludes the proceedings between AICT and ASQA in the Administrative Appeals Tribunal.

AICT is grateful to ASQA for its willingness to resolve matters and looks forward to a positive and productive future as an RTO.

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