Regulatory decisions

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We are beginning to change the way our regulatory decisions are recorded, reported and published, as part of our ongoing reforms.

An ASQA investigation into misrepresentation of vocational education training (VET) courses has led to a conviction and $10,000 fine for Qualify Me!

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The Federal Court has ordered a South Australian woman to pay significant penalties for 156 contraventions of the NVR Act.

The Federal Court has ordered a Tasmanian man to pay significant penalties for providing a VET course without registration and for issuing qualifications that were not genuine.

Three ex-employees of a former RTO are among nine people arrested following a joint operation led by NSW Police.

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The Federal Court has ordered a Queensland training company and its director to pay significant penalties for continuing to represent itself as a RTO—and issue qualifications—after ASQA did not renew its registration.

A Queensland man who misled three individuals into providing payment for false qualifications has been ordered to pay a pecuniary penalty of $31,400.

ASQA will cancel security qualifications issued to 226 individuals by former RTO Sage Academy Training Pty Ltd (RTO number 41505, Sage Academy).

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Andrew Scott Reid fabricated four bogus vocational education and training (VET) qualifications for himself and used them in an attempt to gain employment.

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