Changes to the Financial Viability Risk Assessment (FVRA) tool

4 October 2019

In response to user feedback, ASQA has made a number of revisions to the Financial Viability Risk Assessment (FVRA) tool to make it more user friendly.

These changes will assist users in ensuring the tool is complete before they provide it to ASQA and, in cases where it is incomplete, provide additional guidance to identify items missing.

If you are required to complete and submit the FVRA tool to ASQA, you should ensure you are using the latest version and that you have provided all required attachments – these are detailed on the Provider Details tab of the FVRA tool.

ASQA may require you to demonstrate financial viability by submitting the FVRA tool at any time, or when you:

  • apply to become an RTO and/or a CRICOS provider
  • apply to change the scope of your RTO registration in the first two years of registration
  • change 50% or more of the ownership of your RTO within a 12 month period.

If you are experiencing any issues with completing the FVRA tool and have already consulted your accountant, contact us.

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