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ASQA publishes information about certain regulatory decisions it makes, to:

  • assist students and potential students to make informed decisions about choosing a provider
  • provide industry, government and the public with accurate information on ASQA’s regulatory activity.

Any providers who feel information published about them is inaccurate should contact the ASQA Info Line on 1300 701 801 or email

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Provider number Legal name Trading name Managerial agent Decision type Date of decision Sort ascending Effective date Status of decision Status of review
21750 PSG Australia Ms Alison Simmons - CEO; Jindal Puneet - Director Cancellation
91263 Codarra Advanced Systems Pty Ltd Mr Warren Williams - Managing Director; Scott McGee - Director Renewal rejection
91625 Baysail Mr Iain Mitchell McCabe - Director Cancellation
22159 Stefan Training Group Pty Ltd Guner Gregorczyk - Director; Jerzy Gregorczyk - Director Cancellation
21807 Automotive Management Institute Mr Zainulabidin Syed, Director/CEO Condition/s
22197 Williams College Mr Wenjie Wu - CEO Cancellation
91197 Advanced Massage College of Australia Pty Ltd Claude Phillips - Chief Executive Officer / Director Renewal rejection
90438 Sydney School of Business & Technology Subba Rao Akula - Principal Amend scope Scope amended - complete
91473 Australian Rail Training Don Giles - Managing Director Cancellation
50619 Success Fast-Track Pty Ltd Brett Robin Hilder - Director; Lynette Petkana Hilder - Director; David Morgan Lewis - Director Part suspension Registration cancelled - decision no longer in effect
90978 Lamart College of Technology Rejaul Mallick - Director; Ms Teresa Farrugia - Principal / DOS; Swantantra Kumar Jaiswal / Director Cancellation
121882 International School of Professional Skills Pty Ltd Amjad Humayoun - Chief Executive Officer Renewal rejection
90009 TAFE NSW - Western Institute Katherine Baxter - Institute Director Part suspension Not current - revoked
91137 JLB Resources Pty Ltd James Lester Batey - CEO / Managing Director Renewal rejection
91183 Macquarie Beauty College Nicole Alpen - Principal Renewal rejection
91195 Advanced Academy of Hairdressing Natalie Byron - Principal / CEO Renewal rejection
91283 Uniworld Business College Linda Ann Turner - Principal / Director; John Joseph Baulman - Director Renewal rejection
90129 Illawarra College of Professional Beauty Therapy Tracey Rovere - College Principal / Director Renewal rejection
91021 Pegasus Training Services Pty Ltd Lawrence Edgar Packer - Director Cancellation
91145 The Building Institute of Training & Development Michael McIIwraith - CEO / Director Renewal rejection
90798 International Wing Chun Academy Linda Melva Cook Fung - CEO / Director; Lily Luk Yip Fung - Director Cancellation
90534 Brick Industry Training School Pty Ltd Geoffrey Walter Noble - General Manager / Director; Avery Spackman - Director; Matthew David Clifford - Director Renewal rejection
90290 Safety Plus Risk Management Anthony Lawrence - Chief Executive / Director; Ms Helen Banu - Manager, Training & Development / Director Renewal rejection
90448 M J Denstaff Training Pty Ltd Leah Helene Dostalek - CEO / Director; Barbara Cohen - Director; Michael Cohen - Director; Mark Lewis Cohen - Director Renewal rejection
4341 NSW School of Natural Medicine Kevin Allan Montgomery - Principal / Director Amend scope Registration cancelled - decision no longer in effect
91086 Australian College of Management Pty Ltd Steve Hatch - CEO / Director; Jarrod Leigh Nation - Director; John Hamilton Wall / Director; Martin Charles Brooke - Director; John Robert Rawlinson - Director; Andrew Richard Banks - Director Renewal rejection
7064 Australasian Education & Training Services Pty Ltd Glen McCullough - Principal / General Manager; Gregory William McCullough - Director Condition/s
91116 Sydney College of Business & Information Technology Anandarajah Karuppiah - PEO/ Managing Director; Veerappan Jayaraman - Director; Kenneth Vije Charawanamuttu - Director Condition/s
21495 Australian Institute of Technology and Education Mark Anderson Smith - CEO / Director Condition/s
91307 Academy Culinaire; Australian Calibre Academy Casey de Pereria - Director of Admin & Finance; Leon Carson - Director of Education Part suspension Registration expired - decision no longer in effect
91779 Dragon College of Business David Poole - Chief Executive Condition/s
70047 Training Skills Services Byron Davis - Managing Director Renewal rejection
32361 Security Code Pty Ltd CEO: Mr Stephen Renwick Cancellation
41370 Ausphin Institute CEO - Mrs Rachelle Banta; Director - Rachelle Banta; Secretary - Rachelle Banta Condition/s Condition no longer applies No review available
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