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Regulation National Vocational Education and Training Regulator Act 2011-s29 
Regulatory Decision Impose condition(s) on the provider's registration

The following conditions apply:

  1. For the duration of its registration, the Applicant is required to retain all student enrolment records, student assessment records and the master assessment tools for determining each student’s competency.
  2. Every 6 months the applicant must create, store and produce on request to ASQA, a report of the following information:
    • how the RTO ensures its operations are quality assured as required by Standard 2 of the Standards for RTO’s, including by detailing, its systems and processes and the implementation of those systems and processes to ensure it complies with each clause of the Standards for RTOs at all times;
    • the progress of any compliance monitoring or quality assurance activity is has undertaken in relation to ensuring compliance with each clause of the standards for RTOs in the preceding six months and that it has scheduled in the six months;
  3. The Applicant is to ensure that any marketing material, student files, training and assessment strategies and tools or assessors’ marking guides – sampled as a part of the RTOs structured self-assurance activities referred to in the report – are stored in an accessible location and can be produced on request.
  4. The RTO notify ASQA within 14 calendar days of securing their 1st, 10th and 20th student that is enrolled and has commenced training.
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No reconsideration, AAT or reassessment reviews available

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