Stage 1—VET accredited course – intention to renew

Before you begin detailed work on your course accreditation application, you must make a submission using the VET accredited course—Intention to renew form to ASQA.

The intention to renew demonstrates that you have:

  • identified key stakeholders that agree to be involved in the consultation activities
  • established an ongoing industry, enterprise, education, legislative or community need for the course to be renewed.

Once completed, email this document and any required attachments to

You must submit separate a VET accredited course—intention to renew form for each separate course submission.

Intention to renew requirements

The submission must:

  • provide enough evidence to establish the ongoing need for ASQA to consider your course
  • include evidence of preliminary research conducted, to determine the ongoing need for the course to continue to be nationally recognised
  • provide information on completion data and projected enrolment data
  • contain details of stakeholders approached about involvement in the course regarding development.

Considerations when making a submission

The evidence of stakeholder engagement you gather is critical to demonstrate ongoing, established support for the redevelopment of your course. ASQA may contact key stakeholders consulted during the evaluation process for more information.

During the development phase of your course, ASQA recommends that you engage the services of a person with skills and knowledge in developing courses for accreditation and delivery in the VET sector.

You must provide evidence that there is a genuine ongoing need for your course not already met by a current training package outcome.

If your course duplicates existing training package outcomes, it will not receive accreditation.

Feedback on your course

Following evaluation of the VET accredited course – intention to renew submission, ASQA will provide you with written feedback advising whether the course is eligible to proceed to course redevelopment.

This feedback is usually issued within 20 working days of ASQA receiving a complete submission.

ASQA will notify you if your course continues to meet eligibility requirements to proceed to course redevelopment.

If additional information is required, you will need to provide this to ASQA for your submission to proceed. You will have 20 days to provide the requested information.

Please note, ASQA may refuse your submission if:

  • the requested information is not received within a specified time, or
  • your VET course does not continue to meet eligibility requirements.

Assessment stage overview—intention to renew

Course accreditation - process for intention to renew


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