Integrating volume of learning in an accredited course

Please note the information on this page relates to accredited course development and not to the delivery by RTOs of training products (an accredited course is a training product).

The volume of learning identifies the notional duration of all activities required to achieve the learning outcomes of the course including all teaching, learning and assessment activities. Put simply, the volume of learning defines the complexity of a proposed course.

It is important to ensure your proposed course meets the Australian Qualification Framework (AQF) volume of learning requirements.

How to calculate the volume of learning

The volume of learning is calculated using the following equation:

  • nominal (supervised) hours
  • +
  • unsupervised hours
  • =
  • volume of learning

Information on how to determine supervised and unsupervised hours is included below.

Determining the level of supervised and unsupervised training hours

Consider students characteristics

There can be significant differences in the level of supervision learners require depending on the complexity of the course content. The AQF Levels Criteria and Qualification Type Descriptors provide guidance on appropriate levels of autonomy, and the nature and degree of support typically required by learners studying at different levels.

Generally, learners studying at lower AQF levels require greater structure and supervision (nominal hours) in learning and assessment activities than more autonomous learners studying higher level qualifications.

Supervised and unsupervised learning

You will need to determine the anticipated number of hours that a learner would need to complete all supervised and unsupervised learning activities for the units within the course.

Whilst the nominal (supervised) hours for training package units imported into your course are identified in the relevant Victorian training package purchasing guide, the nominal hours for the enterprise units developed as part of your proposed course are not. You will need to determine the number of hours required to demonstrate industry competence, whether activities are ‘supervised’ or ‘unsupervised’ and estimate the hours required for both. You will also need to estimate the unsupervised hours for any imported training package units of competency.

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