Engagement and education

Strengthening our approach to engagement and education is integral to our reform program and our success as in best practice regulation – particularly in supporting providers to meet their regulatory obligations. Through our engagement and education activities, we help foster a shared understanding of our role and regulatory approach, encourage a culture of provider self-assurance and increase our transparency.

We continue to actively seek opportunities to work together with our stakeholders. In particular, key forums such as the Stakeholder Liaison Group (SLG) helps us identify and respond to key issues facing the sector, and assists us in shaping our ongoing approach to education and engagement.

To help ensure you stay up-to-date on our work and opportunities to engage, we recommend:

Specific to our program of reform work, upcoming engagement activities will include:

  • development of an agreement to rectify process
  • improvements to the Annual Declaration on Compliance
  • development of performance assessment (audit) report rules
  • establishing a specified electronic format for student records.


We continue to seek an understanding of the issues providers are facing and develop guidance so that they are well-placed to meet the challenges. This includes our:

Our advice is designed to support ongoing compliance while enhancing provider understanding of ASQA’s expectations and the type of risk areas that we continue to monitor.

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