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Withdraw your registration

If you no longer wish to operate as a registered training organisation, you must apply to ASQA to withdraw your registration.

Until ASQA has approved your application, you remain registered and are required to pay ASQA annual registration charges.

After your registration is withdrawn

After you withdraw your registration, you continue to have some obligations under the NVR Act (the Act). Some provisions of the Act apply to non-registered training organisations (RTOs) and former RTOs. 

Your post-registration obligations include:

  • You must return your certificate of registration to ASQA within 10 days of the day the withdrawal takes effect.
  • You must provide copies of student records to ASQA within 30 days of the day the withdrawal takes effect.
  • ASQA will invoice you for any outstanding fees. You must pay these fees within 30 days of the date the invoice is issued.

Apply to withdraw registration

Use the 'Application to withdraw RTO registration' process in asqanet

Ensure you have included all information, including attachments, required to assess your application. 

You will be required to explain the arrangements you have made for the completion or transfer of any current students. 

(If you are also seeking to withdraw your registration as a Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS) provider, you will need to submit a separate application to withdraw your CRICOS registration.)

Fees for withdrawing RTO registration

There are no ASQA fees for applying to withdraw your RTO registration.

Finalising your application

ASQA will assess your application and advise you in writing:

  • whether your application has been allowed
  • the date from which withdrawal takes effect, and
  • if your application is rejected, the reasons for rejecting your application.

ASQA usually finalises applications to withdraw RTO registration within three weeks. 

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