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Fees for initial registration

There are fees associated with both initial registration and ongoing registration as an ASQA-regulated provider.

When you complete your 'Application for initial registration' in asqanet, asqanet will generate an invoice for both the Application lodgement fee and the Application assessment fee. ASQA will not begin to consider your application until all application fees are paid in full. If you do not make full payment within 30 days—as specified on the invoice—ASQA may reject your application

Application lodgement fee

This fee covers the costs of ASQA’s initial check of your application’s completeness, including a check to confirm that your organisation is eligible to become a registered training organisation.

  • The application lodgement fee is $800 per application.
  • The invoice may be paid by:
    • electronic funds transfer (EFT)
    • BPAY® (for payments of up to $10,000)
    • Visa or MasterCard, or
    • cheque.
  • If you withdraw your application, ASQA may refund your application lodgement fee if the completeness check has not started.

Application assessment fee

This fee covers the costs of ASQA’s assessment of your organisation’s compliance with the Vocational Education and Training (VET) Quality Framework and the conditions of registration prescribed in the National Vocational Education and Training Regulator Act 2011. This includes a comprehensive risk assessment and (in most circumstances) an audit of one or more of your delivery sites.

  • The base application assessment fee is $8000
  • This base fee covers registration for up to four qualifications (including accredited courses), 20 individual units of competency, and up to two delivery sites.
  • In addition to the base fee:
    • each additional qualification (or accredited course) is charged at $145
    • each additional unit of competency is charged at $50
    • each additional Australian delivery site is charged at $1395
  • The total application fee (the sum of the application lodgement fee and the application assessment fee) is capped at $50,000.
  • The fee invoice may be paid by:
    • electronic funds transfer (EFT)
    • BPAY® (for payments of up to $10,000)
    • Visa or MasterCard, or
    • cheque.

ASQA will not start assessing your application until this invoice is paid in full.

If you withdraw your application, ASQA may refund your application assessment fee if the risk assessment process has not started.

Other fees associated with initial registration

Annual fees

If your application to become registered as a new training provider is successful, you will be required to pay ASQA annual fees.

Data entry fee

In accordance with the Guide to ASQA’s fees (PDF 535kb), any applications for initial RTO registration not submitted using asqanet will attract a data entry fee of $500. If you withdraw your application, this fee is refundable only if ASQA has not commenced the data entry.

Post-initial audit charges

ASQA will conduct a post-initial audit of new registered training organisations within two years of the organisation first being registered. This is a compliance audit which looks at evidence of provider’s ability to deliver the units, qualifications and courses on their scope of registration, and is in addition to the registration audit that is conducted when ASQA first assesses your application.

The cost of this audit is charged to the provider in accordance with the rates outlined in the ASQA Schedule of charges 2013 (PDF 311kb).

Fees for Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS) registration

The information on this page applies to RTO registration only. Separate application and fee payment processes apply to registration on the CRICOS to offer courses to overseas students. For information on CRICOS applications and fees, refer to applying for CRICOS registration.