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Complete your application

Before you submit an application for initial registration, ensure that you have:

Please note that applications for initial registration must not include any qualifications or assessor skill sets from the Training and Education Training Package (or its successor). You must be registered for a continuous period of at least two years before adding these products to your scope of registration.

Your organisation must not advertise, offer to provide, deliver or assess VET courses until it is registered and listed on the national register, training.gov.au.

Use asqanet to submit your application

All applications for initial registration should be submitted using the online registration service, asqanet.

asqanet allows organisations to submit, manage and pay for their registration applications online.

  • Find out more about using asqanet, or contact the ASQA Info line on 1300 701 801, 9.00 am to 7.00 pm EST, Monday to Friday, or by emailing enquiries [at] asqa.gov.au for help with using asqanet.

If you do not wish to use asqanet, you can also request a hard-copy form from the ASQA Info line. However, in accordance with the Guide to ASQA’s fees and annual registration charges from 1 July 2017, if your application is not submitted using asqanet you will be charged a data entry fee of $500. This fee is refundable only until ASQA has commenced the data entry.

When you have completed your application, asqanet will generate an invoice for the required fees. Please note that ASQA will not commence processing your application until the invoice for these application fees is paid in full and the payment has cleared.

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