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To add qualifications, units of competency or accredited courses to your organisation’s scope of registration, you must apply using ASQA’s online portal, asqanet.

For more information or help using asqanet—contact us.

If your RTO has held registration for less than two years, you will need to provide extra information when applying to change your scope of registration.

In addition to the change of scope form, you will also need to complete:

Fees for adding items to your scope of registration

Fees and charges relief

ASQA is waiving some fees and charges for VET providers and accredited course owners from 1 January 2020 to 31 December 2021.

Adding items to your scope of registration involves an application lodgement fee of $500.

This fee is per application and will be the same regardless of how many items you include.

We will issue an invoice for this fee when you finalise your change-of-scope application in asqanet.

There is no fee for applications to add equivalent training package products to your scope of registration.

Adding elective units

Elective units count toward the completion of course requirements but are not part of the compulsory units defined in a course outline.

An RTO may include any elective unit of competency into its delivery of a package on its scope of registration, as long as the packaging rules allow for this inclusion.

For more information, refer to Fact sheet—delivering elective units.

Adding products from the Training and Education (TAE) Training Package

You may only add TAE training products to your scope if your organisation has:

  • held continuous registration for at least two years
  • undergone an independent validation of its assessment system, tools, processes and outcomes following the requirements contained in clause 1.25 of the Standards for Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) 2015.


For more information, refer to Evidence for TAE products.
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