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Application assessment

Once you have paid your initial assessment fee, we will begin the assessment process. This process includes checking that you have met all requirements for registration.

When you submit your application, you are declaring that your organisation is ready to deliver training immediately. If you are not completely prepared and properly resourced, we are likely to reject your application.

Initial registration applications undergo rigorous assessment to ensure applicants are able to meet all required standards and obligations.

We will finalise your initial application registration within six months, in line with our service standards.

You can check the status of your application at any stage by logging into asqanet.

Assessment stages overview

Assessment stages overview

Completeness check

When we receive an application, we conduct a completeness check to ensure all necessary documents and information have been included.

If your application is incomplete, we will notify you of this. You will have five working days from being notified to provide all required information or supporting evidence.

If you do not provide the necessary evidence within this ten-day time frame, we will reject your application. Your application lodgement fee will also be forfeited in this situation.

Once we have commenced our completeness check, you will not be eligible for a refund of the application lodgement fee.

Risk assessment

Once you have submitted your application with all necessary documentation, we begin the risk assessment process.

During the risk assessment process, we check that:

  • all required documents are present
  • your financial viability tool appears to meet submission requirements and includes supporting documentation
  • individuals named in the applications (and any persons required) have completed a fit and proper person declaration.

We may reject your application if it does not meet the financial viability risk assessment or fit and proper person requirements

The risk assessment process is a limited scope assessment. ASQA reviews your application submission and all supporting documents to make sure they meet basic requirements. A more in-depth review occurs during the registration assessment stage. 

Once we have cleared your application to progress to the registration assessment stage, you will receive an invoice for the assessment fee. The assessment process will not continue until you pay this fee in full.

Registration assessment and performance assessment 

Once your application passes the risk assessment stage, we begin a final registration assessment.

The registration assessment is process, involving a validation component.

The validation component may be held via a site visit, phone call, email contact or a Skype meeting. Validation only confirms that all resources are available—this is not an opportunity for you to present more evidence.

Your assessor will consider the information in:

  • your application form
  • your self-assessment and accompanying evidence
  • your financial viability risk assessment tool and accompanying evidence
  • your fit and proper person declarations
  • any other relevant information held on file.

Your assessor may contact you for other evidence, such as specific assessment tools, or for clarification during the performance assessment (audit) process.

The assessor will compile information from the registration assessment and performance assessment into a report. This report will detail any areas of non-compliance identified during the performance assessment process. The performance assessment report guides ASQA when approving or rejecting a registration application.

Performance assessment (audit) site visits

Some performance assessments may involve a site visit to one or more training venues. Your assessor will contact you to set a date if a site visit is necessary.

An assessor will use a site visit to:

  • confirm evidence you have presented is complete and accurate
  • assess the suitability of facilities and resources and to confirm all are available for training and assessment.

Site visits do not include an opportunity to present new or revised evidence relating to areas of non-compliance identified.

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