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23 September 2014

In early July 2014 changes were made to PRISMS that now allows CRICOS providers to submit course cost changes in bulk.

19 September 2014

ASQA's latest site audit survey shows RTOs continue to express high satisfaction with auditing procedures and auditors.

18 September 2014

ASQA has secured a criminal prosecution against a training manager of a RTO who used fraudulent documents in an attempt to demonstrate compliance with the national standards.

11 September 2014

Read the ‎September 2014 edition of the ASQA Update newsletter.

5 August 2014

SkillsDMC is currently reviewing Assessment Requirements across the RII training package.

22 July 2014

ASQA recently became aware of a website implying that the software it was promoting was endorsed or "proven" by ASQA.

22 July 2014

ASQA Commissioners recently sought clarification on the recent policy announcement that all VET Accredited English courses be registered on CRICOS as ELICOS.

22 July 2014

As of 24 July 2014, ASQA will be extending a reform to update equivalent training package products to provider registrations on CRICOS.

8 July 2014

ASQA has published a formal response to the ASQA Process Review: Final Report.

30 June 2014

The 2014-2016 MOU signifies a continued commitment to this collaboration and co-operation between the two agencies.