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Implementation of ASQA’s new audit model in 2017

23 January 2017

During 2016, ASQA developed and tested a new approach to audit with an increased focus on the student experience and the practices of RTOs.

The initial implementation phase and evaluation of the new model has now concluded and ASQA is now preparing to fully implement the new model during 2017.

What did the initial implementation phase involve?

During the initial implementation phase in 2016, ASQA audited 20 RTOs using the new audit model.

These audits involved four ASQA regulatory teams (in Queensland, NSW, Victoria and South Australia) and a range of audit types and RTO profiles.

What did the evaluation find?

The independent evaluation tested key features of the model design and regulatory tools, and identified priorities for 2017. The evaluation supported implementation of all of the key audit model features, including continuation of student surveys.

Both RTOs and auditors who participated in the evaluation gave widespread support for the new model. RTOs indicated that they valued the increased focus on the student and they were proud to share their students’ journeys. Auditors reported that the new model helped them to focus on the most important aspects of an RTO’s delivery.

What happens next?

The new audit model will be progressively rolled out across all VET and CRICOS audits in 2017. If you have an audit scheduled in 2017, ASQA will notify you about the audit approach to be used and inform you whether student data is required to conduct an online student survey.

How can I prepare for the implementation of the new audit model?

All RTOs are required to complete an annual declaration on compliance which is due for submission to ASQA by 31 March 2017. This year’s annual declaration form will support a self-assessment of your RTOs compliance against the Standards, following the new audit model’s student-focused approach. All RTOs will receive an email to their registered CEO email address in early February with a link to the online form.

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