Updated application requirements for initial registration

27 November 2023

ASQA has updated its application forms and supporting evidence requirements for new entrants to the vocational education and training market. From Monday 27 November 2023, all applications for initial registration must be in this form and accompanied by the required supporting evidence.

ASQA will also maintain its existing service standards relating to market entry that require it to notify an applicant whether a market entry application is valid within 7 calendar days after receipt of the lodgement fee, and to notify the applicant of an assessment outcome within 90 calendar days after receipt of the assessment fee. However, the assessment outcome target will be lowered from 80% to 60%.

These changes further support ASQA to ensure that only genuine applicants who are committed and capable of becoming quality education providers are granted registration. They also help to address concerns about the suitability of some potential new entrants, responding to potential integrity issues in the VET sector, and embedding strengthened Fit and Proper Person Requirements.

Applicants who submit an initial registration application are declaring that their organisation is ready to start delivering training immediately. If they are not completely prepared and do not have adequate resources, their application is likely to be rejected. This remains unchanged, and applicants who have already submitted an initial registration application will be requested to provide evidence that is consistent with the updated application requirements.

We apply a rigorous assessment process to applicants wanting to enter the VET market, and under these arrangements will continue to ensure all applicants will have their capability and commitment thoroughly assessed and tested before registration is granted. 

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