Reminder—you must apply to renew registration at least 90 days before the end of your registration period

25 October 2018

Registered training organisations (RTOs) are required to meet the requirements of section 31 (1)(a) of the National Vocational Education and Training Regulator Act 2011 when applying to renew registration.

You must apply to renew your RTO registration, and pay the application lodgement fee, at least 90 days before your registration is due to expire.

If you do not submit your renewal application before the 90-day deadline, in most cases ASQA will not accept your application.

In exceptional circumstances, you may ask ASQA to consider late submission of a renewal application; however, ASQA may not agree that exceptional circumstances apply. For example, providers that do not maintain up-to-date registration contacts or anticipate the impact of staff leave would not be considered to be affected by ‘exceptional circumstances’.

While ASQA sends reminders about registration expiry to listed CEOs, it is an essential responsibility of registration to be aware of when your registration period expires and ensure that you submit a renewal application at least 90 days before this date.  

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