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8 December 2021

A model for self-assurance

As part of our regulatory reforms, and contribution to improving confidence in the VET sector, we have initiated a 4-year program of work to co-design a model for self-assurance with the sector.

Through self-assurance, providers are responsible for assuring their own performance and compliance against the Standards. As a modern regulator, our focus will be on the systems and processes providers use to self-assure. 

Our research partnership

To assist us in this important work, we are joined by ORIMA Research as our research partner, who will lead a genuine co-design process to develop a model of self-assurance with providers.

This program of work will support providers to develop their understanding of, and ability to self-assure. Through this work, we will continue to develop our regulatory approach, drawing on best practice to focus on provider self-assurance and excellence in training outcomes.

Join our research groups

We’re partnering with ORIMA Research to conduct a series of focus groups and interviews with providers next year to inform the development of the model for self-assurance.

These initial focus groups and interviews will be followed by further consultation in April and May 2022 to test the model for self-assurance with providers, VET trainers and assessors.

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