Compliance with training standards increasing

2 September 2015

RTOs compliance with the required national Standards has increased, but more work needs to be done, according to the regulator.

Analysis by the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) of compliance rates since new national Standards were implemented in early 2015 showed that 87 per cent of RTOs were compliant at the end of the audit process.

ASQA Chief Commissioner Chris Robinson said this represented an increase of close to five per cent on the 82.4 per cent compliance rate under the previous Standards.

Mr Robinson attributed the increase in compliance rates to the new Standards being clearer than the previous Standards, as well as the regulator’s efforts to increase the information and guidance it provides in order to assist RTOs to comply.

“The new Standards included more detail about assessment, new requirements for trainers and assessors, clearer and more detailed requirements around marketing and new validation and certificate of compliance requirements,” he said.

“Since the new Standards were announced late last year, ASQA has published a comprehensive users’ guide and hosted 31 information sessions for RTOs and VET sector stakeholders to explain what the Standards are and how ASQA will be regulating against them.

“Around 4500 individuals attended these sessions. I am confident that we will see a further increase in the level of compliance by RTOs as RTOs become more familiar with the Standards and revise their internal policies and procedures.”

ASQA’s analysis of compliance rates coincided with a series of Stakeholder Briefings that it held across Australia last month.

The briefings were targeted at industry regulators, peak business and employment bodies, peak training provider groups and government stakeholders in the VET sector.

“ASQA is committed to engaging with the widest possible range of VET sector stakeholders to ensure that Australia’s hard-fought reputation of delivering high quality vocational education and training is not only maintained but enhanced,” Mr Robinson said.

“By working together, ASQA and its stakeholders can identify and respond to providers of concern and to emerging issues in the sector.”

Mr Robinson said ASQA was planning to undertake another round of information sessions/briefings targeted specifically at RTOs in the first half of 2016.

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