Co-designing a meaningful self-assurance model

2 February 2022

Our first round of provider engagement to co-design a self-assurance model with the VET sector is underway. The model will support providers to monitor, evaluate and improve their own performance against the Standards.

This round of engagement will inform the development of a draft model for self-assurance based on experiences and insights from a range of provider types and delivery contexts.

Providers participating in a series of focus groups and providers and stakeholders participating in interviews were identified to reflect the diversity of the sector.

Our next round of engagement, including more focus groups, interviews and a survey, will test and refine the model so that it is meaningful for providers.

This builds upon engagement about self-assurance in 2020 and stakeholder meetings held during the first phase of co-design in 2021.

Register your interest to participate in the next phase of engagement (early April to early May 2022).

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