ASQA’s increased scrutiny on new applications

On 1 May 2018, ASQA announced increased scrutiny on new applications for registration to deliver VET and/or international education.

ASQA’s aim is that only providers who can demonstrate they are resourced, ready and willing to deliver high-quality training and assessment are registered.  

These processes help those seeking to enter the market to ensure they have adequate resources and skills.

Impacts of increased scrutiny

ASQA received an unusually high number of applications in the period immediately after the announcement. This has led to delays in finalising some of these applications, particularly in cases where further evidence is required before the application can progress.

ASQA has now allocated additional resources to addressing this surge in applications. However, there will still be a delay before some applications are finalised. Each application is considered in order of the date the application was completed, including fees paid.

If you have submitted an application for initial registration

ASQA advises you to consider whether you can demonstrate that your organisation has sufficient resources and can comply with required legislation and standards.

ASQA is finding similar non-compliance across a range of initial registration applications. Common issues include:

  • financial viability is not demonstrated or assessment is incomplete
  • business planning does not align to financial planning
  • thorough analysis of the market and competitors is not evident
  • all owners and stakeholders with responsibility for management are not disclosed
  • resource requirements are not clearly demonstrated, including learning, staffing and physical resources
  • strategies for training and assessment do not align to business plan and often lack detail
  • trainers and assessors have not demonstrated vocational competence
  • truthful and accurate responses to requests for information from ASQA have not been provided.

ASQA will reject applications where one or more of the above non-compliances are identified.

If you have submitted an application for initial registration that is likely to be found non-compliant

Applicants are encouraged to review their applications and consider whether the application may not fully address all requirements.

If one or more of the issues listed above apply to your application, you are advised to consider withdrawing your application and reapplying when the issues have been addressed.

In this case, ASQA will consider requests for full or partial refunds of the assessment fees paid.

Please direct requests for withdrawal by email to

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