Advice on maintaining quality of training and assessment

10 June 2020

ASQA is aware that it is a challenging time for VET providers seeking to continue to provide quality VET outcomes in a period of unprecedented social and economic uncertainty.

We know that many providers are seeking to respond to this challenge by expanding the training products available to their learners and to help equip their graduates with the skills needed for the jobs of the future.

Other providers are moving to greater provision of delivery through online platforms to support their learners to remain engaged in their courses.

To assist organisations to ensure that they have the appropriate arrangements in place, ASQA has developed advice and guidance on some of the common areas that providers should focus on to ensure the success of these new ventures.

We have also published advice on CRICOS and ELICOS delivery and for current or intending students.

In addition, we have published an interim report on provider activity during the pandemic.

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