Consultation commences on proposed ASQA fees and charges

12 November 2019

VET regulator invites feedback on full cost recovery plans

The Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) today begins consultation with the vocational education and training (VET) sector on proposed measures to support the regulator’s transition to full cost recovery from 2020–21.

ASQA Acting Chief Commissioner Saxon Rice said VET stakeholders can view a consultation paper and provide their feedback on ASQA’s website (

The consultation paper outlines a number of proposed changes, including revisions to ASQA’s schedule of fees and charges, Ms Rice said.

“When ASQA was first established it was planned that over time the agency would move to full cost recovery, meaning fees and charges would completely fund its activities,” Ms Rice said.

The 2018–19 Australian Government budget announced ASQA would begin operating as a full cost recovery agency from 1 July 2020. 

“As we prepare to complete that transition, it is important that ASQA has a clear understanding of the VET sector’s views on all matters related to full cost recovery,” Ms Rice said.

“This includes questions such as what full cost recovery may mean for VET providers and students, and whether stakeholders anticipate a change in their level of demand for any ASQA service or activity.”

Ms Rice said some aspects of the proposal may require legislative or policy changes before they could be implemented.

“It is important that we hear from stakeholders in the VET sector before work advances to facilitate any necessary changes,” she said. “ASQA is committed to ongoing engagement with the sector and individual stakeholders about all issues that affect VET, and incorporating feedback in our decisions on regulatory approach and planning.”

Ms Rice said ASQA will review all feedback received and consider how the proposal might be adapted to best support the transition to full cost recovery before seeking the final approval of relevant ministers.

ASQA’s public consultation runs from 12 November 2019 to 9 December 2019.  

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