Impacts of COVID-19 on industry and the training system

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The AISC and ASQA are collecting information on known and emerging issues and concerns that are affecting the VET sector as a result of COVID-19.

RTOs are central to identifying these issues, particularly those that impact the delivery of training and assessment or relate to workforce pressures.

RTOs are encouraged to contribute by raising any issues with ASQA as soon as they are identified.

ASQA has developed a form to enable your RTO to provide information to guide the Sub-committee in their considerations. The information will be provided on a weekly basis to the AISC.

Information provided through these forms will inform decision-making in relation to workforce skilling, amendments required to national training products to meet emerging workforce requirements, advice on safeguards for training delivery and other solutions to support for the VET sector during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Issues may be in relation to immediate skill needs and/or impacts for training delivery, as well as issues/impacts that are likely to be felt over the medium to longer term as a result of COVID-19.

The information could also be used by ASQA to develop advice for RTOs on suitable adaptive delivery practices which can be implemented by RTOs without changes to training packages.

We may need to contact you to clarify issues that you have raised, so please ensure you provide an email address for this purpose.

By completing and submitting this form, you agree that ASQA may disclose the information to another agency, including the Department of Education, Skills and Employment and/or the Australian Industry and Skills Committee, for the purposes of gathering information to respond to critical issues during the COVID-19 pandemic.