The courses I deliver require assessment to be conducted in the workplace however students are unable to attend at present. Is simulated training and assessment acceptable?


Students may be able to undertake training in a simulated environment before going to a workplace to continue their learning or to conduct assessment (when they are able to attend a workplace). Simulated training can be conducted remotely however providers should consider how students gain access to resource requirements to effectively practice these skills.

Providers should consider the specific assessment conditions described in the assessment requirements of each unit of competency. In some instances, assessment requirements allow for assessment to be conducted in the workplace or a simulated environment. Where simulation is allowed, providers should review the specific training package requirements to be able to replicate the simulated environment.

However, where assessment can only be conducted in the workplace, that component of assessment will need to be deferred until such time that it can be conducted. In these instances providers:

  1. should ensure students are aware of, and have record of, the portion of assessment completed for the unit
  2. can adjust their training and assessment strategy to rearrange sequencing of delivery of units of competency
  3. should deliver an alternate unit of competency (that does not require practical assessment, or where theoretical learning can be provided in part).
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