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Chief Executive - Mr. Denis Crow
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Following AAT review, the following conditions are imposed on the provider's registration under s 29 of the NVR Act:

  1. the provider is to notify the respondent in writing no later than 7 working days before the date the applicant commences delivery of training;
  2. for the period of its current registration, the provider must securely retain all completed assessment records for a period of twelve months from the date on which the judgement of competence for the student was made;
  3. every 6 months, commencing from the date of the Tribunal's order, for the period of its current registration, the provider must create and store (and provide to ASQA within seven (7) days of written request) the following:
    • documentation detailing how the applicant ensures its operations are quality assured as required by clause 2.1 of the Standards for RTOs, including by detailing its systems and processes, and the implementation of those systems and processes to ensure it complies with each clause of the Standards for RTOs at all times. 
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