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Following AAT review, the following condition was imposed, pursuant to s 29 of the NVR Act, on the provider's registration

  1. every 6 months The College (Aus) Pty Ltd must create and store the following information, including a detailed description of:
    1. how The College (Aus) Pty Ltd ensures its operations are quality assured as required by clause 2.1 of the Standards for RTOs, including by detailing, its systems and processes and the implementation of those systems and processes to ensure it complies with each clause of the Standards for RTOs at all times;
    2. the progress of any compliance monitoring or quality assurance activity is has undertaken in relation to ensuring compliance with each clause of the Standards for RTOs in the preceding 6 months and that it has scheduled in the 6 months;
    3. annex copies of any documents created, used or relied upon to monitor and/or ensure compliance and quality as referred to in that description.
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