Decision information

Date of decision
Decision type
Details of decision

The Commissioners decided to:

  1. Cancel, under the NVR Act s 36(2)(f) and s 39, the RTO’s registration

with effect 35 calendar days after the date the RTO is given written notice of the decision.

Status of decision
Settled pursuant to terms of agreement at the AAT – decision set aside
Status of review
No review available
Review information

Following AAT review, the parties have reached an agreement.

The Tribunal decided that:

  1. the decision to cancel the Applicant's registration is set aside and in substitution:
    1. the Applicant's registration under the NVR Act for the period of its previous registration, namely to 14 June 2023 is reinstated
    2. pursuant to section 29 of the NVR Act, the following condition shall apply to the Applicant's registration until the finalisation of a renewal of registration process, including any application for review, or the cessation of its registration whichever is earlier:
      1. the RTO must retain and present to ASQA support and progression or training assessment records for all VET students for all VET courses for a period of two (2) years from the date on which the student ceases to be a student.