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Following AAT review of ASQA's cancellation decision, the following conditions are imposed on the applicant's registration under section 29 of the NVR Act for a period of 18 months from 3 June 2020:

  1. Mr Fahim Kherkhah must not take part in the management of the operations of the RTO;
  2. the RTO must securely retain, and provide to ASQA on request, copies of all completed student assessment items for each student (per the definition in ASQA's General Direction – Retention requirements for completed student assessment items and clearly identifiable as to which student and units each item relates to) and copies of the master assessment tools used for each assessment, for a period of 2 years from the date on which the judgement of competence for each relevant unit of competency is made;
  3. within 12 weeks, and then every 12 months, from the date of the imposition of this condition, in addition to complying with the requirements of clause 1.9 of the Standards for RTOs, the RTO must:
    • engage a suitably qualified independent person(s) (who has vocational currency in the training product being validated and the training and assessment qualification or assessor skill set at least to the level being validated) to conduct validation, and the production of a report of that validation, of assessment practices and judgements for each training product, if the product is being currently delivered;
    • that validation must be of a representative sample of all students enrolled in the product and any report must detail how the sample was determined;
    • as a part of that validation the independent person(s) must observe, in person, the RTO's assessor/s conducting the practical assessment of a unit of competency for at least 3 students per course, to determine whether assessment is being conducted in a manner consistent with the RTO's training and assessment strategies and assessment system, and the Standards for RTOs;
    • the independent person(s) must produce a report detailing their findings of the validation activity and any recommendations for the RTO to improve its training and assessment system or practice and annex copies of any assessment records relating to the validation and include how any observed assessment practice was conducted;
  4. the RTO must retain records in relation to 3 and provide to ASQA for consideration at the next regulatory activity pertaining to the RTO.
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