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Renewal rejection
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The Commissioners decided to:

  • i. reject, under the NVR Act s 17, the application for renewal of registration as an RTO in full, to include:
    • CPCCLSF2001A Licence to erect, alter and dismantle scaffolding basic level
    • CPCCLSF3001A Licence to erect, alter and dismantle scaffolding intermediate level
    • CPCCLSF4001A Licence to erect, alter and dismantle scaffolding advanced level
    • CPCCWHS1001 Prepare to work safely in the construction industry
    • MSMPER200 Work in accordance with an issued permit
    • MSMPER205 Enter confined space
    • MSMPER300 Issue work permits
    • MSMWHS201 Conduct hazard analysis
    • MSMWHS217 Gas test atmosphere
    • RIIWHS202D Enter and work in confined spaces
    • IIWHS204D Work Safely at heights
    • TLILIC2001 Licence to operate a forklift truck
    • TLILIC2005 Licence to operate a boom-type elevating work platform (boom length 11 metres or more).

with effect 35 calendar days after the date the RTO is given written notice of the decision.

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The provider applied to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) for a review of the decision but the AAT subsequently dismissed the application.