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Following reconsideration of ASQA's decision to cancelthe provider's scope of registration, ASQA decided to vary the decision to the following:

  1. Impose, under s 29 of the NVR Act, the following conditions on the applicant's registration:

Gobel Aviation Pty Ltd must, in delivering any training and/or conducting any assessment for the units of competency AVIY0018 Execute advanced aeroplane manoeuvres and procedures or AVIY0046 Execute advanced aeroplane manoeuvres and procedures (and any unit of competency that supersedes either of these), only use aircraft that have been explicitly certified and/or approved by the relevant aircraft manufacturer for intentional spinning. This condition does not prevent the use of CASA approved simulators; however, such simulators must adhere strictly to the assessment conditions of the relevant training package, and only be used where assessment in a workplace operational situation is not appropriate. This condition applies and continues to apply until the named unit/s of competency are modified to remove any requirement for intentional spinning.

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